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How It Works

How It WorksHere’s why your cushions failed on your new couch in short order. Open cell polyurethane foam is a by- product of oil. As the price of oil has increased in recent years and in an effort to increase profits, furniture manufacturers cut back on the density “quality” of foam in couch cushions.

Most manufacturers use under a 2lb foam and it ranges between 22 and 32 ILD. We sell a 2.5lb with three levels of firmness (15/35/45/65 ILD). Our foam cushions come with a lifetime guarantee!

How It WorksBring in your couch cushions with the covers on them. We will take a measurement and give you an exact price. We have three levels of firmness to choose from. You will be able to have a side by side comparison to select the firmness that best suits you. If it something you like it takes 15 minutes per cushion. If you have multiple cushions you can drop them off and come back later to pick them up. Every cushions finished by the end of the workday.

How It WorksHow It Works